Graphic Design

“We Can Help You Navigate” Campaign (2019-2020)

“Co-requisites” is a term referring to the practice of teaching “remedial” mathematics to college students while they take credit-bearing courses (as opposed to having them take semesters’ worth of non credit-bearing prerequisites before they enter college-level work). It’s an increasingly-popular trend among college math departments around the country.

The Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin is a huge proponent of the co-requisite model. As part of my role on the Dana Center’s Marketing and Communications team, I was tasked with promoting the Center’s work in popularizing the co-req approach.

The designs seen here represent a selection of those “co-requisite” campaign materials, which extended across print, web, and social media.

Other Work for the Charles A. Dana Center

Check out the Dana Center Pathfinder online magazine website I designed and developed:

See the overview video I produced for the Dana Center’s Launch Years initiative:

See the overview video I produced for OpenSciEd, an educational consortium of which the Dana Center is part:

Watch “Rethinking the Role of Math” a series of interview videos I produced featuring mathematics education experts involved in the Launch Years initiative:

See the landing page I designed to promote the release of the Launch Years initiative’s first major report:

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