Let Out Our Imagination… / documentary


If you’ve visited a website for a university or college at any point in the past five years or so, chances are good that you’ve seen one of those little inspirational/informational videos where a student of the institution is profiled. It’s a popular way for schools to show the range of activities and studies available to people who go there. It’s a relatively easy marketing tool, and it’s become sort of a formal sub-genre in its own right.

This is my version of one of those. A couple of years back, I applied for a position at a university in which I would have been making quite a few of these types of marketing profiles. In an effort to get the attention of my potential employer, I shot and edited this piece over the course of a weekend. Thankfully, my sister was a student at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn at the time (and she was doing some pretty interesting work there), so my subject was close at hand.

The two time-lapse shots of New York City in this piece are from iStockphoto.

Direction, Camera, and Editing by Erich Pelletier